Friday, September 19, 2008

The Funeral

The Funeral

The hard-backed pews bear witness
death came on swift, fleet feet
from out of the shadows she rose
and laid claim

The weeping widow
left behind
broke in the noon-day sun
the trees and I both weeping
but the frail heart breaking is not my own

The pieces left for wind to scatter
I touch with tender hands
and pray
to say the words she needs to hear
pour my life
through the gap in her chest
and somehow bandage this wound
I know will never heal

Death came but the living bear the burden
of the blue sky
and the globe going round and round
of brutal time continuing
on and on
without them

We bear witness to this loss
the eyes so grieving
mute to truly comfort
the inevitable blow
of frail life passing


my little said...

Did you know that... Everyone once in a while, one brief passing though, I find myself wondering if a life alone is better. It's the inevitable fact that one of us is going to be left behind, and I cannot bear it. If everyone could blissfully pass in their lover's arms, unison, never being apart, life would be perfect. But it isn't, and I'm horrified, even with the seventy plus years of heaven in between.
I usually end up snapping out of this in meer seconds, but that state of mind always leaves me dazed.

lakshmi said...

I know, I think about it, too. 23 years under my belt and I know it isn't enough. No days that can be counted ever could be. The only solution is to love completely in the moment. There is sheer joy in that kind of loving. To love with an open heart, I think, to have loved and been loved, that IS enough. The alternative is a life lived forever lonely. To me, this would be no kind of life at all.
I love you, Juli-bug. I hope to see you SOON!