Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hi Dad!

Hi Dad!

It seems fitting that you would be the first commentator, as you are the reason I started writing in the first place. Your stories had a big impact on me growing up. I am loving this blog as well--even if it is only me, you, and a few of our close friends and relatives who are reading it! Anyway, I don't know about Pulitzer--I want to write POPULAR fiction. :>
Love you, too!

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John Saunders said...

Hello La. Your post "Hi Dad"
reminds me of a piece available
on the internet. Title is:
"Ciao, Papa". Written by
Liza Monroy who also has a book
out "Mexican High" (a novel).
"Ciao, Papa" is Liza's tribute
to her Dad. Tender and very well
done. Liza was a student at a
school in Mexico City 1993-97.
My sister and I attended that
very same school over fifty years
ago. One of these days Liza
will publish her memoirs. She
also writes about yoga classes on
a New York City rooftop.
Very slowly I am learning my
way around "Cabin-20". Tech
skills are primitive. Kathryn
has caught my attention with
Carolee's film "Fuse" etc...
So much to learn from "Cabin-20"
where one day I will place some
poetry and/or prose.
Hugs from John Saunders