Friday, September 26, 2008

Lorch, Germany

Lorch, Germany

Why can’t I be in the Rhine Valley in Lorch Germany, with its quaint houses surrounding the lake? I could dive into cold water, wash the fatigue and grime of tedium away, leaving my skin aglow. A brisk walk in the early morn to find my coffee, and seek out friends and neighbors could start this day. We could talk about how we slept or didn’t sleep, how the wind howled or the cats screamed, or our dreams kept us awake. In Lorch, I could lay my burdens by the lake-side and let the fishes nibble them away. I could care only about how blue the sky is, how the wind feels cool upon my face. I could leave these painful dreams behind, lie back on the green grass and stare at the clouds that only have to drift along on a carrying wind, never wondering, never worrying, with no lost dreams, and no regrets. I could float like that in that tidy hillside village far away.


Shikka said...

I'm glad we can visit each other via blogs :) It's so amazing to me to be all the way over here with all of you so far away, it's just funny where life takes us... I miss you all but it's great to have so many truly magical and unique memories to reflect on. I still think there needs to be a huge Howeth/Bertram trip to England in the future, like a little family reunion of sorts of our families smooshed together! Keep checking in and I'll do the same!

lakshmi said...

Hey Shakti!
I'm glad we can visit over the blogs a well! I enjoy reading yours. It's neat to read because I can hear your voice as I'm reading it. I am all for the reunion! England sounds like the perfect spot to me. Can we convince your parents, do you think?