Monday, October 20, 2008

The Cauldron Pot

I am always trying to relate to myself. To figure out, to analyze, what is going on from the inside out.

Writing for me, is like a force of nature. The moment comes upon me, the mood, feeling, idea, the story appears like a pulling force, a hurricane, a tornado, a deluging rain. Or it is stark and baking, like the desert sun, sparce and full of meaning. Always, it is something that comes with power, grace, and beauty, something that can't be avoided. It's difficult at times to manage such a thing. I wrote this one, thinking about that...

The Cauldron Pot

I reach inside the cauldron pot
arms long and stretching
looking ever inwards
to the me beyond

what does she know
this inside self
deep below the surface
where jelly-fish glow whitely
blinking in the blackness?
whales are only wave-makers
massive swells of darkness
I grasp their swishing tails
down to the depths we go
where pirate ships have sunk
and buried sweet white ladies
their bones bleached clean
alive and blue
the glimmering soft-fish
light her sternum

she wakes and grins a bony grin
laughter bubbles
from blue-black sockets
Ha! Ha!
she laughs
and down she goes
her sea-weed hair
all a-glow
I follow
deep and deeper still
darkness black
and eyes dead blind
I grip the tendrils of her hair
and leave my skin and bones behind
when next I see the emerald sky
the pale pink morning
on the shore
I clutch the frail strands of her hair
and weave them into something more


Sraddha Van Dyke said...

Hey, what happened? i was wondering why you weren't posting to your blog, only to find out that you have been, i'm just not getting the little email notifications that i was when i first subscribed. Hummm...ok, i'd better go see if i can figure out why.

lakshmi said...

I do not know what happened. Of course, if we can't get the technology to cooperate, I can always send you a side-note when I post. :>

Sraddha Van Dyke said...

Okay! Thank you! i'll let you know if i'm not able to figure it out.