Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Birthday Princess

She had dimples when she was born, after two boys, my very first little girl. I remember the fresh joy of realization. Surprisingly, it was followed immediately by a squeezing of my heart. I knew some of the things this tiny being would go through, the sorrows, agonies, and challenges faced in life on earth as the fairer sex. It surprised me how immediate the kinship was. I did not love her more than my baby boys, I just knew that a woman's heart would be hers one day. A heart that would break and, even in that pain, expand forever to encompass more in love.

Now, she's a young woman, lovely to behold. She is beautiful, strong, funny, and artistic. She walks to her own, unique music, a bundle of contradictions. At times I look at the children we have and wonder at the experimentalism of genetic mixing. How can she be both soft and loving, deeply caring, and yet have the depth of character to not give one damn about what people think of her? How can she love soccer passionately, playing tough and running hard with the boys, and yet be terrified into screaming idiocy by spiders? How can she collect both skulls and porcelain dolls to display equally with pride on the shelves lining her walls? How can she cry, her tender heart splintering because a friend asked out the boy she adored, and yet move on to forgive that lifelong friend and keep their friendship alive?

Right now she sits at home, a little melancholy because both Mom and Dad had to work today. She's waiting for us to finish up so we can go for our dinner and movie date. Still a sweet, tiny, fairy-girl who drifted in from another realm, she just wants to spend time in the loving presence of her parents. But, Dad and I both know, we are the lucky ones.

Happy Birthday, Little Princess, I am coming home to see you.

Love and Blessings,

(Photo by Jyothi Sacket: In the Moment Photography)


Sraddha Van Dyke said...

This made me cry, and made me miss Brittany-Boo-Boopers. (She laughs at me for still calling her baby names. She's 24)

lakshmi said...

I can imagine how you do miss her. They're babies forever, or so my Mom tells me.