Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Feel Plain

I feel plain,
one step closer to stillness
my ever present heart
my breath flows easily
in and out
my back creaks
I know the veil
has thinned

there is no separation
between you and I
if I reach out my shadow hand
and place my warm palm
on your heart
can you feel its weight?

I believe in nearness
in the absence of earthly space
in quantum physics
there is no space between us

our energy flows easily
sliding around each other
where I end
and you begin
means nothing

death steps nearer
brings her weighted boot to bear
and stomps
my heart beats
my breath flows easily in and out
my back creaks

The flimsy ghosts
wrap their arms around me
holding on to life
through the visions of my mind

when time slowed, bent, skidded to a halt
I saw life step nearer
in her weighted boot and stomp
my heart
my breath
my back

the flimsy ghosts wrap their arms around me
I know the veil has thinned


John Saunders said...

Thank You Lackshmi. Yours is
the first poem that I have read
in this New Year. Thank you
for sharing the awareness of the
closeness that is there for all of
us. I love the Shaker or maybe
it's Quaker idea that
"plain" is a positive
characteristic. To say to a loved
one: "You are so plain" is the
ultimate compliment. Glad to know
that you and your family have
survived and become more aware.
Your "ice/tree" experience makes
me more aware than ever. That is
also the case with my friend
Isis who recently was involved
in a head-on crash where she
emerged alive --- two broken
ankles, a broken sternum, left
wrist broken and also cracked
ribs. She has the will and the
stamina to move forward. In bed
for a week or so and then weeks
in a wheelchair. She's gonna
make it. Tough! It's so good
to read your poem. Thanks.
Best wishes for 2009, John Saunders

lakshmi said...

Hi John,

Happy New Year! I didn't realize it, but the Quakers/Shakers may be where the concept of 'plain' came from. It's a funny thing to say I feel, but it fits perfectly. So many worries and fears and frantic planning have left me. It may come back--who can say? For now, I have this new stillness.

Please tell your friend, Isis, I will be praying for her, sending her warmth and light for healing.

Best wishes to you for many good things in the coming year.

Love & Blessings,

John Saunders said...

Hello Lakshmi. Now I know how to spell Lakshmi. Finally.
Your "I Feel Plain" is a poem
that I have read countless times.
The more I read -- the better I like it! Thanks for the relative
absence of punctuation. That
adds freedom in my view. I also
like the repetition as well as
the rhythm. Monotony is
definitely avoided by the
variation in number of syllables
per line. "I Feel Plain" The
final poem for me for 2008.
Also the first poem that I enjoy
in 2009. Your "I Feel Plain"
is a bridge from one year to
the next. Please do the same for
2009-2010. My story for the
same old year/new year experience
is by our Cabin-20 writer Steven
Wingate who probably knew Luis
back in their La (Louisiana) days!
Thanks La (That's word I can spell
also). Happy Year to you --
John Saunders

lakshmi said...

Hi John,

I'm so pleased you liked my poem so much! I wrote it just before posting. Poetry, for me, has always been my free-writing form--I write it for the sole purpose of expressing how I feel. This form allows me to show my inner world most completely. But, I have never really thought of myself as a poet or of my poetry in terms of ‘good.’ Both ‘good ‘ and ‘bad’ are irrelevant to me as I am only writing to express meyself. To me, the most important thing is to be true and clear, to let it come onto the page how I feel it. If it is a good illustration of that, then I am happy.

I like ”Plain” because it said what I wanted to say. However, I also find I am utterly delighted that you enjoy this poem so much! I have always been shy about allowing people to read my poems—from some early bad experiences, and also because they reveal so much of me. You make me think maybe it is time for something new. I have always written poetry for self-expression. I have a nice, thick file of them. Perhaps it is time to have them looked at. The only problem is, I was telling the truth when I say I have no concept of good or bad, I wouldn’t know which ones would be worth submitting!

I can’t thank you enough, John, for coming by to see me, and offering your wonderful support. I was a terrified, blocked writer most of last year and so am starting off this writing year on much better footing. Who knows what it will bring? Thus far, I have really enjoyed hearing from you.

Much love and best wishes,

John Saunders said...

Lakshmi. When I first saw your
title my immediate reaction was
that it said "I Feel Pain". That
is what I imagined. "Pain".
Plain is what gets one closer to
the Higher Self, the Soul, etc.
To me the relative absence of
punctuation works very well.
At any rate. What you write
stays with me.
Today I have been reading
Steven Wingate. "Knuckles"
and "Three A.M. Ambulance Driver"
are amazing stories in his collection: "Wifeshopping".
I have sent him an e-mail
offering to translate "Three
A.M. Ambulance Driver" into Spanish
for him for free --- if he is
My skills at navigating
Cabin-20 are still limited so I
keep exploring.

I hope that you and your
family are doing well.
Keep putting your poetry
on Cabin-20 (please).
"I Fell Plain" has gone to
Isis in Thibodeaux, LA via
U.S. Postal Service.

Best to you and your family. John S.

Sraddha Van Dyke said...

This made me cry. Thank you for continuing to write. <3