Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday Musing

Look at me with all those people. How did the wild, lost, woodsy girl turn into her; a mother of six with more tasks to complete in each day than any three women could do?

They're lovely, aren't they? Tall and beautiful, each as full of themselves as I could ever hope for them to be. Talented, more secure in who they are than even I am now, approaching that venerable age of forty.

Do you ever marvel at your life? Sometimes I stand back and cannot see the threads of how I came to be. There are still those lost parts of me, those whispers in the eves, calling me softly to come out into the rain, to shed my scales and raise my dragon head, to breathe my own fierce fire.

It's hard to reconcile, the great gifts I possess and the eternal longing I still feel. I wonder when the world will be made right by my own definition and I will walk tall on the street, and all who pass will know me, simply, as I am.

(Photo by Jyothi Sacket: In the Moment Photography)

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