Monday, February 2, 2009

It is SNOWING!!!!

Today, in balmy VA, I drove with my windows rolled down. 57 degrees, the sun was shining and all the world was whispering Spring. Late in the day, with dark clouds, wind, and thunder a brimming cold front made the temperature plummet.

Still, who has time to think of snow?

We had a lot of homework to be done, stories to read, dinner to be made. Each task completed, I thought, "Thank Goodness, one step closer to the warmth of my bed." As the night worn on, my toes grew cold without their brightly colored socks. The kids drifted off, one by one. The house grew still and quiet. Downstairs I padded, turning off lights.

And then I saw it, a thin blanket of white on my yard. Snow. I peeked out the door, it was still falling, a soft tinkling whisper in the night. On my outstretched palm it fell like feathers of ice. One child was still wandering our halls,

"Look, it's snowing" I whispered.

"Oh, snap!" She said.

We both know it could be gone by morning, with our Lady Virginia's fickle weather patterns. But, right now, tonight, my world has turned white, and I will sleep like the land under that soft, feather blanket, my mind resting in the quiet joyful knowledge: It is snowing.

Photograph by Sraddha Van Dyke. For one time use for "theviewoverhere" , all rights retained by Sraddha Van Dyke.


redcharlie said...

La, I have a copy of What Learning Leaves by Taylor Mali for you, if you care to send me an address.

el poquito said...

I told you I had a feeling!
Glad you got to see it.
Did you make your snow angel?

lakshmi said...

Hi Charlie, I would love to have the book. I'll send you my address.

Ed, you must have a weather-meter in your head! Our little snow was lovely. No snow angel for me, though. I had to go to work! But, my kids got to sled on our yard, which tilts off to the right on a good slant. My fifteen yr old daughter made a mini-snowperson on the back deck, who stood grinning at us in a diminutive way. It was, like, 8 inches tall. Very cute. The drive to work was gorgeous, as well, so I'm not complaining.