Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Still in Poetry Month-- More Haiku!

little bird alight
within a gilded cage, will
stay if she can write

Monday, April 13, 2009

This Quiet Coming Home

my natural mind writes
easy in words
as the seagull is easy
in flight above a gray ocean
as the hawk is easy
in the updraft from the canyon

my body dances
in harmony with each lilting beat
and bottom drum
in unison
feet and heart both pounding
even my spirit is happy

my heart loves
equally enamored
with a passionate embrace
low, rolling skies
babies, horses
the eternal light of god

my mind dreams
even while waking
creates other mountain ranges
other waving fields in which to run
other me’s to live this lifetime

I am this body
I am this heart and mind
I am this spirit absolute

this is what it is to be me

when I die, I will never die

my writing mind
will return to the belly
of the thoughts that birthed her
and be born again to write

my dancing body
will lay down in black earth,
dissolve into those elements
that comprised my bone, sinew, muscles, and blood
and become other bodies

my loving heart
will be absorbed
into that greater love

my spirit will go back
to the source it never left
a cup of water
poured into the river
already flowing

I will fall back
into myself
into this quiet
coming home
I call dying

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Haiku

I'm in a writing group with all these amazing, talented writers. It's intimidating. But, as my husband the Soccer Coach would say, "You don't improve your skills on the pitch when you're the best player in the game."

Apparently, in Soccer (and in writing) we learn the most when dumped into a situation where we are surrounded by people strong, faster, more talented, and better at doing whatever it is we love. I think I'm in the right place.

April is National Poetry Month. In honor of this wonderful written expression, me and my fellow group-mates have been writing Haiku, one a day for the entire month. Prior to April 1, I didn't know much about Haiku. I still don't know much, but I'm learning. It's been ten days. Here are a few of my favorite Haiku. They're short and sweet, abbreviated and vast. I love them.

Spring Haiku

pattering rain-drops
staccato out my window
the heart-beat of Spring

lady daffodil
curtsying in the garden
nods me good morning

wind drops from blue sky
skips over the emerald fields
and turns them silver

rain left the world fresh
black earth gives up sunshine scent
from each new flower

impossible light
cascading through my window
lures me to play

low, dark mountains rest
young hills frolic at their feet
learning to be wise

what is that color
blended burgundy and gold
my shade of longing

cherry tree blossoms
a hundred dainty fairies
flashing petticoats

adolescent trees
stretch in sap-filled eagerness
reaching for the light

wistful clouds adrift
pause in the powder blue sky
to watch the horses