Wednesday, November 25, 2009


It's easy to be grateful this year, even for the simple things like being able to inhale an easy breath. Nothing quite like asthma to give you a healthy appreciation of the inhalation. Last night, in the pleasant cool of the November evening, I felt how good the air was in my lungs, how cool and clean. I felt how easy it was to draw breath and I could detect each scent all tangled up within the air; wood smoke, and the rich, slightly acrid scent of dead leaves, faint pine, and trailings of the dinner I had fed to the puppies earlier. I inhaled DEEPLY and pulled all that darkness and starlight, leaves and wood smoke into my lungs. It's a simple joy, breathing--one too often overlooked.

I have more complicated things to be grateful for. I am happy my husband and children are alive and well. Some of us might not have been after the accident last year. It still gives me joy just to look at them and every action I have taken throughout this year was colored by the uncertainty of life. We never know when our moment will come due. This is why today is so important.

I am grateful for my writer-friends, who gave me a piece of myself I had overlooked--one of the best parts of me as it turns out. I spent months, cocooned in a lovely cabin and then packed my things and branched out on my own, setting out to see if that high mountain pass is, indeed, traversable. I'll be back, though, so keep the coffee hot for me. I wouldn't mind a scone, while we're at it.

I am grateful for my health--which started out bad this year and went down hill! I was diagnosed with hideous allergies, then undiagnosed--sort of. I don't feel much differently than I used to--less itchy, I guess, thanks to the antihistamines, but the doctors still don't really know what's go awry in my system. I don't care to dwell on it anymore, I am alive and well (mostly) today--what else matters?

I am grateful for my extended family members--of which there are many--my close community and my extended community that I am coming to cherish more and more each day. I am even grateful for my job. I guess anyone employed would say this at the moment, but even without the recession-induced threat of termination lurking in the back of any mind--I would still be grateful to work where I do with the people who are like a new family to me now.

Life is not perfect. It never is. It is wild and changing, full of heartbreak, joy, passion, and love. At least my life has always been. A crazy ride, being me. But I like it and so it is easy to be grateful tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving. I wish you love and passion, gratitude, joy and peace.
<3 and Blessings,


Sraddha said...

I love this- "I inhaled DEEPLY and pulled all that darkness and starlight, leaves and wood smoke into my lungs."

Happy Thanksgiving Sweet One. I love you. <3

lakshmi said...

U 2, Sraddha. See you tomorrow! <3 <3 <3 (((hug))).

Dedalus1947 said...

Lakshmi: sprung from the foam of the sea - that ephemeral substance that dissipates with reality. You certainly SEE things before I do. I love your words and your images (Sometimes I even think I understand!).

Happy Thanksgiving!

el poquito said...

La, So glad you're able to breathe more freely. I'll warm up some coffee for you and save the last scone for you too.

yes, happy thanks given.

Erica said...


lakshmi said...

Hi Dedalus~ Thanks for dropping by and wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. It was, indeed, happy and busy and I ate a lot of food. I'm glad you like these words. It feels good to write them and I'm also glad you understand them--at least sometimes. :>

Hi Ed! Hi Erica! <3