Friday, November 20, 2009


when the madness passes
I'm left with the rubble
of broken pots
shattered pictures
torn clothing

dazed, I wander
picking up pieces and
setting the furniture to rights

all the windows are cracked
in the wake of the storm
even the most precious artifacts
sit, knitted together

it takes such effort
in the quiet calm of a reclaimed mind
to put it all back together
I wonder
how many storms my house can take


it cannot
be made
whole again


Sraddha said...

This sounds like something that I wrote years ago. Sending you love honey. <3

lakshmi said...

Thanks, Sraddha. Don't worry over me too much. Writing is how I process everything, but once it's put down, I let it go--whatever it is. I'm like the weather that way--always in flux. <3 I hope you're well.

Sraddha said...

Me too! Like the weather, quick mood changes etc... I am well, mostly thanks to you and your sisters. <3 <3 <3

Poorna said...

i love the quiet calm of a reclaimed mind. and i LOVE to read your writing. i think it gives me as much pleasure to read it as it does you to write it!

lakshmi said...

Poo, my lovely, you keep me writing, you really, really do. I think about you when I am writing anything. :> I would have given up ages ago if it weren't for you. My novel (Lili Ann Jarvis Leaves Texas--aka Lil and Ben original) is 154 pages long--the longest EVER! You will be the very first one to see it once done. I love you. Thanks for letting me steal your baby for a while today. *sigh* I love babies. <3