Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Selling Eleven Puppies, One Puppy At A Time


el poquito said...

Puppy magic.

Fun to think of you still rolling about on the floor with the pooches.

Happy new year, La. Nice visiting you in Puppyland.


John Saunders said...

Lakshmi. Thanks for the pic of
the puppies. Next time include
a human face along with a four-
legged pet. Love, Juan Sanchez

lakshmi said...

Hey Guys! Nice of you to drop by my little world. Happy New Year! Yes, we still have puppies--only four left, though. All the rest have flown this house. Happily, one of them went to my sister so I will not be without puppy-love forever.

Ed, did you see our snow????? We got 17 inches!!!! It was amazing. I LOVED every, single, snowy, fluffy, blinding, freezing cold, white minute of it--even when we lost power for 19 hours.

My goal for the year is to actually finish my novel and my non-fiction book. I never set anything close to a realistic goal. What's the matter with me, anyway? I guess I just like to shoot for the stars and lasso the moon while I'm up there. :>

I hope to see you around at the Cabin at least some this year. It's not looking good so far. I haven't been able to get over there even once at all this year! Oh, wait, that's only five days. he he he

MUCH love to you,