Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Secret Keeper

Secret Keeper

Will you be my secret keeper:
skeleton key
to my dungeon heart

Will you stand beside me
on the stone stair
feet shivering
white clad phantoms
as they race by
seeking light
their faces
I always know

I live in the castle
above the vaults:
sheer walls reflecting light
turrets rising skyward
noble, stony face

I pretend
there is no dungeon
no dark birds flying to roost
no screeching bats clinging to stalactites

In the inky dark,
cold is never colder
and alone is all I know

I seek to
reject those bottom layers
ignore the subterranean roar
of a waterway
in the belly of my earth

To stand atop my tower,
gossamer gown floating
eyes on every sunrise
as if only golden light

I would abandon
my pale phantom
that little girl
who sits

Except for you, gate keeper,
you stand
strong bones planted to the stone
soft skin smooth over muscle
five fingers linked through my own

Beside me
as the phantoms whirl
you hold
the secrets of my heart

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