Monday, November 15, 2010

Bones Don't Care

(This is an exercise in rhyme written in honor of my recent Halloween activities with the Haunted Trail Walk. [] Participating as one of the un-dead got me thinking about bones.)

Bones Don’t Care

like newly fallen snow,
pale against the drifting sand
sockets shine,
a purple glow,
in the shadowed land

amidst the paler stones
slender limbs—no more they—
seek to hold
within their bones
warmth drawn from the day

so cold and colder still
pale day fades away to night
bones, once live,
preserve their will,
drag themselves upright

and creak, they rise again
footsteps dark across the sand
weaving in the wild wind
pale bones stalk the land

yet shining in the moon
liberated from their skin
on they go o’e hill and dune
remnants of our kin

just like the ones we share
stagger through eternity
hollow shells that never care
who they used to be

1 comment:

Cassandra said...

Dem bones, dem bones, dem boney bones! Love it, La!
I like the way each stanza starts with such a sense invoking word and then you go on to rhyme about it.
My fave? Pale....

Niiiice, sis! :)