Monday, December 20, 2010

Snowscape Haiku


Bright, silver glitter
white moonlight on fallen snow--
winter's cold beauty


Each icy raindrop
falling on the window pane--
chiming like a bell


Fragile snowflake falls
drifting from a darkened sky--
unique and alone


el poquito said...

Good to see you got your snow, La, and that you're now content with your cold temps etc.

At least someone is happy.

; )

lakshmi said...

Ed!!! It's you. <3
Yep, I'm loving it here at the moment. We've still got snow on our driveway so I'm hiking out to work each morning and there are indications we might get a white Christmas! That would be amazing. We shall see if it happens. I am happy with my weather now--but I sometimes get those tremors of fear for the coming Spring. How silly of me. Don't I know only future is NOW? :) Have a wonderful Holiday! Much love to you and your familia!