Monday, January 31, 2011

Slow-Motion Water Drop

Slow Motion Water-Drop

I feel sadness
like a slow motion water drop

Realization hits,
ripples out in all directions.

The blue sky casting mountains
across the rocking surface
cannot convince me
that death
is not
the only certainty.

At the far edges,
waves calm to tremors,
memory provides respite:

...Mountains loomed
in the clear
of a Colorado morning,
your voice
billowed white
into early air.

My heart,
like the stomp and stamp of hooves,
rocked the morning.

The boom of your voice,
broad reach of your shoulders
convinced me;

I am the bristling early bird
who gets the worm.

in the still
of a water drop falling
my heart aches
becomes aware....

once made,
go on forever.


cbaker7899 said...

This is beautiful Lakshmi.

happy to make said...

Stillness, reflection, beauty... I like it very much.