Monday, February 14, 2011

Juniper, Alder & Elm

Juniper, Alder, & Elm

Mine enemies have arrived
cloaked in the guise of friends.

Reigning Gods
of the natural world.
with swaying words
and the promise of all things
good and youthful--
they steal me
from myself.

In bitter solitude,
I await their slow decline.

Long months,
till their inevitable deaths
give me my life back again.


happy to make said...
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happy to make said...

My sympathy Lakshmi... I read somewhere that when you are allergic to certain plants' pollen, you need to eat the honey made from these plants' polen. It gives you the antibodies or something... But it might be that you need to eat it well in advance. But try this, and maybe keep the honey bees. Honey is a miracle cure for many things.
Lots of love

lakshmi said...

Hi Yola!

Yes, I've heard this and have been eating honey over the winter to try and inoculate myself. We've kept bees in the past. I actually enjoyed it, even though I was allergic to the stings! I loved working with the bees. They're docile so long as you treat them fairly and I liked their buzzing presence around me.

This poem expresses my shock at having to worry about pollen so soon! I thought I thought I had weeks to go still! Ah, Virginia, what a place you are to live.

It's okay. I intend to make the most of my inability to go outdoors for the next nine months. As I will have nothing else to do, I intend to use the time to work on my books. :)

Much love!