Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ring Around the Moon

Written in honor of my dear friend, Subadra, and my dear friend and sister, Sumati. Dedicated to you and our moment spent philosophizing under the stars.

Ring Around the Moon

In the brisk cold
I stand—
held to earth by gravity
infinitesimally small
beneath the starry sky.

There’s a ring around the moon.
—An opaque circle
of pale clouds,
the white moon
at it’s epicenter.

This iris of the sky
stares into me,
sees facets
a quiet rumbling undertow
in the ocean of my mind.

Parts not seen, but felt—
like shadows beneath the waves,
like that silhouette of night-dark clouds
against the open sky.

Hints of who I am
beneath my outer shell—
a silent self
only the moon's eye perceives.


Cassandra said...

I love a moon-inspired poem! This one is a lullaby for the soul.
I liked it all, but especially resonated with the last stanza.

Neil said...

You are an amazing poetesssssss!!! I Love you more than life itself! Kisses and hugs! Your infinitely grateful sister...sumati P.S. keep writing :)