Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gossamer Thoughts

Many dreams I've weaved
with gossamer thread
each strand a-glitter
with ideas
concepts, beliefs
of who I am
a treasured collection
of bejeweled
red, gold,
purple, pink, maroon,
and green and black knotted stones of hard beliefs
—cold things I told myself
about myself.

I weaved through a long night
under twinkling stars
till at the edge of earth and time;
a dawning—

Creeping light
with stretching fingers
hits this
web of woven treasures,
jewels and knotted stones
each thought, impression, memory
—everything I know as Me.

Alights, crystallizes, glitters, glows and
in that dawning light—

strands disintegrating...

in this new light
I am aware
I see

my careful thoughts
so deftly woven,
the pretty veil I made for myself,
out of love, kindness, hope, despair, fear, desire and insecurity,
out of anger, rage, sadness, faith and blessedness

The very thoughts
I thought myself to be

—are nothing more than
gossamer threads that bind me.

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