Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Life of Babies

I've been thinking about it a lot. Babies have got it right; they're the only ones who really know how to live life. Babies are too young to have been properly thought-programmed by their elders. They don't yet know to believe that money, fame, the right street, the right career, the right person, or the right pair of shoes is what makes for happiness. A baby's happiness comes from whatever is in front of them at the moment. It bubbles up uncontrollably, not because of some particular outside influence, but because the happiness is in them already—all they do is let it out. Because they habitually express what is in them, a baby lives a life of complete authenticity. If they don't like something, they spit it out, stop playing with it, or refuse to pick it up in the first place. They never second-guess themselves, they like what they like, want what they want, and do what they do because it's inherent in them to be that way. Babies live completely as they are, acting just as they were created. They cry when they're sad or angry, laugh when they're happy, eat when they're hungry and sleep when they're tired. And they never worry about anything. They don't obsess over what happened yesterday or spend all their time thinking about what they’re going to do tomorrow. A baby lives for what's happening now. Have you ever watched a baby discovering something new? Their whole existence becomes about that one moment of discovery. Even if you try to distract them, you can't. But when they've learned all they can, they move on to the next discovery in the next moment. Life for a baby is an endless string of pearled moments of discovery, one after the other. Because a baby lives in this present way, they never hold a grudge. They may be upset and crying one moment, but when the next moment rolls around, they're smiling, laying a head on your shoulder, forgiving whatever wrong-doing you may have committed. Babies also don't know how to judge yet. A baby does not care about the color of another baby's skin, their religion, or in what country they were born. To them, there’s just another baby—quite like themselves. And they will smile at anyone from any denomination who takes a moment to try and make them smile. Babies love like this because they haven't yet learned how to hate. I wonder sometimes what our world would be like if we weren’t so conditioned by our up-bringing’s, if our worlds of influence did not fill our heads with ideas of who and what we should be, who and what we should like, who and what we should hate. I wonder, what kind of a world it would be if we took a few lessons from those younger than we and lived, in certain aspects, the life of babies.


Poorna Metro said...

Amen, sister.

Yolanta said...

Great post Lakshmi, I enjoyed it. As adults we have those rare glimpses into the state of innocence and we feel joy of living.
Yesterday we had some bad news about our house purchase, it made me quite detached and I went out and started collecting the chestnuts and leaves. I remembered how, as a child, I used to make little toys with them. I was transformed into this state of contentment so familiar.. I will be blogging about it today.
Much love

Doro said...

It's a state that we have as babies, that we loose later, must loose later so that this state one day can be reborn in a much bigger frame inside of us.

Karuna Binstock said...

My belief is that God does not give babies language because they would give away all the secrets. How lucky we are to have sooooo many babies in our lives. I am eternally greatfull.

Love kisses hugs,
Karuna Binstock