Monday, April 8, 2013

Snow Globe

Little girl sitting in that snow globe all alone
with the wind and sky to comfort you
and rolly pollies your only friends

Little girl dreaming of a better day
trying to deny desperation
and loneliness so complete
it's all she knows

Little girl uttering a scream
as silent as the snow fall
locked inside a pain
so absolute

Little girl, I see those hurts
the scars seared on your chest
I know why you sit
in this snow globe all alone

I take your hand
and run my thumb
across the small, fine bones
the brown skin soft
and smooth as dust

I look into your
bottomless eyes
full of hope and wonder,
confusion and
unbearable pain

I know you feel
powerless against the forces
that tear you asunder

Come and sit beside me
I'm here to tell you
you're going to be okay

One day you will find a man who loves you
he will hold you when you cry
he will take your hand
and walk this life beside you
and even when you try to make him
~ lashing out like a feral cat trapped in a burlap sack~
he will never leave you

You will have an amazing, interesting life
full of accomplishment
and six beautiful children
You will be a good mother
and they will never know
the pain you've known
Because of you
they will never feel so all alone

I know how you got
those grooves
the crushing sorrow
and desolation of losing more
after you had lost so much already

Lift your chin and look at me
I'm here to tell you
you're going to be okay

Look at me
I'm here to show you
we're going to be okay

Look at me
I'm here
and I'm okay