Friday, May 17, 2013


My armor shines in the sunlight

multifaceted jewels
and metal scales

But it is armor, none the less

My armor wears a pretty face
an easy smile, graceful poise
and always knows the right thing to say

But it is armor, none the less

Designed to shield and to protect
the delicate inside
a fine glass filament
softly colored
barely noticeable
and easily shattered

I am not the easiest woman to love

I have weaponry
logic, reason and denial
I know how to pretend
the armor is all I am

Locked inside a prison
of my own making
I've felt the utter isolation
of never having been seen or known
as myself
Of only having been seen and known
as the outer shell
I’ve pretended to be

My armor
is wearing thin
the fine glass
filament is melting
colors swirl together
a liquid rainbow

My armor hardens to glass from the heat

It's falling off of me in pieces
I feel fragile, hopeful
and less alone
each step awkward, imbalanced
by the shifting weight
as more glass falls away

The war is over
The war is over
The war is over

The return to my true self
has begun