Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Note to Thor...

I can't reconcile...

The last time I saw you
at Pinos
on no day in particular

"Hey, Aunt La"

When we hugged and exchanged pleasantries
that always end in our family motto,

"I love you."

"I love you, too, Thor." 

...with the body that lay in the coffin.

How is it you came to be

That picture in the corner of the living room
forever peter-panned
by the tragic,
colliding of a flying truck and a tree?

The revered 
family member
everyone talks about 
at gatherings

to new family members
only known now
through mythologies of your existence
told and retold 
with deep love, humor and sorrow?

Where is it you have gone, now that you've left us?

My beliefs tell me

Though you've shed your body shell
the essence of you remains

I wish I were a medium

Able to sink 
deep beneath 
the surface of this physical life

And hang with you in the ether-world

"I love you, Aunt La."

"I love you, too, Thor."


Gayatri Sherry Van Dyke said...


Gayatri Sherry Van Dyke said...


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Christine Bryan said...

It is my prayer that those that love Thor so much will continue to keep their souls and hearts open to the subtle messages he still gives us. Either I am right or I am losing my mind. I'm going with I'm right.

lakshmi said...

Christine....I think you're right. You might be crazy, too, but I'm good with that. :) <3